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Sonya Bryson is known to many as the woman on the jumbo-tron, singing the National Anthem before the Tampa Bay Lightning games. A now-retired Air Force Sergeant, Sonya moved to Tampa Bay in 2011 from an assignment in South Korea to work on the Macdill Air Force Base. She sang the National Anthem for the first time in public at an Air Force Recruiting Service training conference while stationed in Oklahoma City and has continued to share her voice across the country.

Singing, however, is just a small part of her incredible life.

A former high-school hurdler and cheerleader, mother of 3, Air Force maintenance manager, and new fiancé, she was diagnosed with MS only one year ago. With the help of her amazing doctors, a strong dose of medicines, and the support of her family (including a brand new grand-baby), she is adjusting perfectly well and excited about starting this new foundation.

"People are asking me, 'Why aren't you more down and out about it?' But I'm not that type of person. I'm a pretty happy person to begin with, so if it's something I know I can keep a handle on and keep control of by meds, and making sure I'm doing what the doctors are telling me to do, I'm fine.”  

She has performed the anthem in public more than a thousand times and has lent her talents to other local area events, such as the opening of the Tampa Bay outlets. Now she is taking her pipes to a national level; using her celebrity to bring awareness to MS. The Sonya Bryson Voices of Hope Foundation will strive to lend a voice to those who can’t speak, or sing, for themselves.


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