Woman who sings national anthem for Lightning faces Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

Woman who sings national anthem for Lightning faces Multiple Sclerosis diagnosis

b4dtv4jiyaavn0lTAMPA - You know her for her moving singing voice during the Tampa Bay Lightning Stanley Cup playoff games.  Now retired United States Air Force Sergeant Sonya Bryson is sharing her alto gift at new gigs including the Thursday opening of the Tampa Premium Outlet mall in Wesley Chapel.  She's also working in a new field which allows her more family time.  "I have a brand new grandbaby. She is a week old. Her name is Alethia Rose. She's in South Carolina, so I'm going to get to go visit her soon,” she said.  Bryson is also engaged to be married.  "I love it,”she said showing me her engagement ring. But Bryson also tells me she's dealing with a newly diagnosed disease. "Some dizziness, a little bit of kind of off kilter,” she explained. Doctors diagnosed her with Multiple Sclerosis or MS in August, but the good news is that medication keeps it in check. "If it's caught quick enough, then they can suppress the rest of that damage,” she said. "People are asking me, 'Why aren't you more down and out about it?' But I'm not that type of person. I'm a pretty happy person to begin with, so if it's something I know I can keep a handle on and keep control of by meds, and making sure I'm doing what the doctors are telling me to do, I'm fine." Bryson's not only doing fine, she's looking forward to being on stage again wherever her pipes are needed. "I'm still pretty much me, you know, and everyone asks if this is gonna change my singing voice, and my mouth is way too big for that,” she said laughing.

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